Château Freyneau and La Tuilerie

At Montussan, between Saint-Emilion, Libourne and Bordeaux, Château Freyneau and Château La Tuilerie enjoy a magnificent terroir that gives these wines their roundness, their generosity and framing. Château Freyneau and Château La Tuilerie now represent 45 hectares of vines with an average age of 35. IMG 1248Château Freyneau was built in 1897. Several owners have followed all of which contributed to perpetuate the tradition of wine.IMG 1084It was in 1981 that Madame and Monsieur Jean-Pierre MAULIN owners and operators of 20 hectares of vines surrounding Château Freyneau and bought the enclosure La Tuilerie which is still owned by Maulin's family.
His studies ended on Pauillac Medoc prestigious properties, Eric Maulin took over the family property in 1990 and gradually shapes the vineyard starting with a thorough job of soil. Follower of a natural approach to the work of the vine, Eric practice a reasoned culture, parcel by parcel. Its new modern winery combines technology (temperature control, punching, etc.). With his wife Valerie, this pair of lovers develops white, rosé and intense reds, recognized and nominated by professional critics.

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