Where to find our wines?

You can find our wines accross the world in our selected partners:

Cave de Wittemberg

Cave de Wittenberg
Frans Havinkels
Grootgenhousterstraat 71  6191 NR BEEK   Phone + 31 464 37 47 83

Weinmacht 8977

Andreas Uiker
Grünwalderstr. 5 82064 Straßlach Phone + 49 172 95 72 481


Cave du Bohey

Centre Bohey

25 Bohey . L9647 Doncols Phone + 35 299 584 53


Rakuten Japon




Future gastronomy & wine fairs

Château Freyneau will be present:

  • Salon Wine and Gastronomy of Rennes from 29 October to 1st November
  • Salon Wine and Gastronomy of Brest November 11 to 14

Château Freyneau 2016 Open days

 Château Freyneau's open days will take place Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 November.

Feel free to come and take a ride, Eric and Valerie Maulin will taste their latest productions !

Harvest 2016

The harvest for Sauvignon Blanc started Wednesday September 21

before harvest

after harvest

Photos of White vineyards before and after

A Gold Medal at the Bordeaux Competition 2016

Château La Tuilerie Blanc 2015

For the first presentation in a contest of our Bordeaux Blanc, Château Tuilerie Bordeaux Blanc 2015 Gold Medal at the Bordeaux Competition 2016!
bordeaux concours

More info on the contest website

ag 1006  

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